The Story About Us

Hi there!
We’re two friends who have been trying to minimize their earth-polluting-waste for so long. We’re quite conscious of all the dangers our consumption is causing, but our transition to the eco-friendly lifestyle wasn’t the easiest. We forever had three major questions:
What to buy instead?
Where to find it?
How to buy it regularly without a logistical hassle?
We tend to be very stubborn with sticking to our eco-friendly lifestyle, so by time, we learned the nuts and bolts of the practice. And then we thought, what about everyone else?
Why not make their lives easier too?!

From here, we started talking to all the suppliers of eco-friendly alternatives, and made sure we put the maximum number of high quality alternatives at the tip of your finger.
And that’s the story of elbadeel!


Why Choose Us

basket green

Hassle-free shopping

We bring all your orders from all the different suppliers in one basket to your doorstep.

Supporting locals

We make sure to search for local suppliers to all the alternatives possible before looking elsewhere.

Waste-free packaging

Our offering is well rounded, and our packaging comes with no waste.

Re-ordering Regularly

Decide on the package that you would like to order on a monthly basis, and we’ll continuously deliver it to you.

The Team


Hoda Labib

Heba Abdelfattah