Portable Utensils


A small handmade glazed clay bottle each with a unique flaw, each one is crafted specifically for its owner, keeping your water or juice fresh around your house, office, or even eco-lodge or restaurant.
79.00 EGP109.00 EGP
Reusable small sack, made to carry unclean laundry; socks, underwear, shirts..etc. could also be used to carry toiletries like shampoo, deodorants..etc. Materials used: fabric + recycled plastic (5 plastic bags were recycled to make this item) **Pattern exclusively made by artist Farahzada El Shihy for Up-fuse Notes: No dyes ...
150.00 EGP 120.00 EGP


Made of waterproof fabric. Easy to clean; just with damp water or in the washing machine
25.00 EGP

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