Beeswax Wraps

Wrap ANYTHING: Sandwiches, food plates, veggies, cut lemons, half onions, fresh bread, cheese, leafy greens, leftover food, nuts .. (except raw meat)

The set includes:

3 (size 30x30cm) for small & medium plates.

2 (size 40x40cm) for salad & serving bowls.

There is a wide variety of colorful patterns that makes every set of beeswax sheet distinct.

Since there isn’t a standardized set, your order will always be unique!

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Beeswax wraps keep food fresher for longer because beeswax is natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial substance. (The first people to discover that were the Ancient Egyptians!) It also lets your food breathe keeping it dry and making it last even longer.


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100% Eco-friendly, Made in Egypt, Zero-waste

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