Reusable Lunch Bag by Be Eco

75.00 EGP

be eco

We know it’s a struggle to pack lunch for work or school. Putting it in a single-use sandwich plastic bag means contributing to pollution big time, in a reusable plastic lunch box is less damage to the environment but it don’t last long and if the food is warm it could react with the plastic and cause serious health issues. Paper bags would’ve been a good option but they absorb any juices or oils and mess up around them.

Our lunch bag is the perfect solution to this dilemma. Environmental friendly, since it’s reusable and plastic-free, and practical because it can be washed in the washing machine. And don’t be afraid if you spill anything in it, because the waterproof padding inside the cloth won’t let a drop out of it.

Go ahead and order our lunch bad and pack lunch for you and your family easily and guilt-free every day.


Baby Blue, Black pattern, Off White Pattern 1


100% Eco-friendly, Made in Egypt, Zero-waste


Be Eco

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